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Gustavo Gomez & Solène Vanhaecke

Tango teachers and dancers from France

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Gustavo Gomez

Of Argentine origin, Gustavo Gómez, dancer and teacher of Argentine tango and folklore, was trained in tango with prestigious teachers such as Los Dinzel, Hernán Obispo, Mingo Pugliese. He continued to improve in seminars with Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne or with Federico Moreno and Catherine Berbessou. 

In folklore she trained with Beatriz Durante and Rubén Suárez. Today he has created his own company «folk group De Mi Tierra» that has already performed in several festivals.

As a member of several dance companies (in particular the «Uballet Argentino», Ballet folklorico of the University of Buenos Aires), he participated in numerous tours and festivals in Latin America, Canada and Europe, from 1993 to 2001. With the Tipica Tangarte: the World Summit of tango in Seville, Salamanca, Malmö, Festival of Finland.

Installed in France since 2002, he teaches in Toulouse, Carcassonne, Montauban and Perpignan, St Affrique. He has participated in numerous festivals such as Tarbes en Tango on several occasions, Le temps du tango en Bretagne, Festival de Montpellier, «Tangopostale» en Toulouse, Festival de la Abadía de Hoy Sylvanès, Festival CUBA.

In 2011 he created the Show "Estampas Argentinas" and in 2016 the Show " Tango and Mas". He contributed to the development of tango on the island of La Réunion.

He is interested in giving the taste of an authentic tango, transmitting his passion favoring the art of improvisation that makes all the magic of this dance.

Solene Vanhaecke

She met Tango Argentino in 2014, with Flavio Aguilera, with whom she formed. From her beginnings, she learns both the follower and the leader, and obtains a global understanding of the two roles that will shape its pedagogy: feeling and making feel. She meets numerous Masters during various events that will be sources of inspiration and exchange about the vision of the Tango.

With his partner of his beginnings Bastien Pradier, she dedicates all his time to create a dynamic around the Tango in Avignon creating numerous events and evenings, in particular the first Argentine Tango festival on Avignon of national projection, the Tango Evolucion Festival.

Installed in Toulouse since 2021, she met Gustavo Gómez, with whom she is currently preparing several artistic projects. Curious and passionate about the human body, her work is oriented today in the analysis of movement by studying its origin and mechanics through proprioception and biomechanics.

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